Carter Mull

According to the Aperture (Los Angeles issue in 2015) Mull has collaborated with the aesthetics and conceptual categories and sections within multiple newspapers (Although whilst reading through this article there is no mention on which newspapers they were). Furthermore, he has worked in different areas such as photo agencies, fashion houses, film studios, advertising firms which capitalises on the production of the image. 

From this Mull looks at alternative ways of getting his images out there in an unpredictable time-frame, which you could say represents how we use consumerism in a capitalist society to our advantage, in a pandemic when we can’t socialise. In 2018, Mull obviously didn’t expect a pandemic in the near future. He was looking at ways to expanded our views on capitalism whether that meant fashion or photography. It revealed that we are all connected in good times and in bad.

This research has helping me understand consumerism and how society is surrounded by opportunities of capitalism and spending.  However, the past few lockdowns shows us how much we rely on both the high street as well as the online society, as we remain stuck within our screens. 

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