Curating my own images

The brief explains that we should produce two or more images whilst displaying them in a physical place. It was said that we could use our homes or a public place as long as it is an instalment of some type. Evidently the photographs should obviously be printed out (not professionally but at home printer however in high enough quality which can be visible). After this I and everyone else showed their instalments on a public forum. I choose to use my website as one of the platforms for the public forums alongside posting the two images.

In the beginning I was a little overwhelmed and confused due to the project’s simplicities, so it took me a day to come to terms with it and to create a narrative which was suitable for such an instalment.

The main message I wanted to portray is that the environment and man, lives hand in hand with each other.

So the location for this was important. Then I went onto setting it up in my room (on my drawers) as I wanted to show that the environment is what we choose in our heaviest or peaceful time but is always what we come back to…

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