Huxley Parlour Gallery Exhibits

Venessa Warship

‘the seasons’

The narrative of ’The Seasons’ shows us the viewer the fragility of winter across different countries and the difference between dormancy and hibernation. Furthermore, the traces of hope in the arid scenes of life. What spoke out whilst visiting the Huxley Parlour Gallery is the minimalist set up showing the images stillness in amongst the chaos. 

In conjunction to this the photographs show an understanding our environment and how we take advantage of the unknown. With this in mind, this could help me with my project as the exhibition shows a narrative of contrasting themes including peace and time, stillness and chaos.


The exhibition ‘Cut’ looks at archival images and sculptures to portray the brutality of the state of Congo in the 1980s, where Onyangunga predicts around 10 million people died.  This was during the reign of Belgian King Leopold II.  Moreover, the red hand sculpture represents a reference to the native people which symbolically shows the punishment of teared limbs through not meeting rubber harvesting quotas.

With this exhibit it has shown me alternative ways of finding your authentic self whether it is for better or worse represented metaphorically through art such as sculpture and photography. It has also reminded me how engage with your audience by making my work more interactive. This could be through colours or different mediums for example

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