Week 2 - Post Image

Hito Steyerl - In defence of a post image

Whilst reading through this article it shows a broad range of poor images from artifical inteligence to cinematography. It suggest within the issue that the thumbnail is showing an image of a ghost this was distributed through different channels through artificial inteligence or a low resolution jpeg. From this distribution, the poor image is one of the fish generations of post images.  These were trialed as mock photographs through the premises of digital technology and its surroundings and especially in the film industry. This can be summed up by numerous quotes form the article linked below. These quotes include:

  • “Its not a technically but some sort of disease” - I choose this to summarise the paragraph and to me this explains a lot about a low resolution in a form of a photograph.
  • “focus is identified as a class position, a position of ease and privilege, while being out of focus lowers one’s values as an image”

Then there is the reconstruction of a poor image

  • “In this case the invisibility of the image was more or less voluntary and based on aesthetic premises” 

 Privacy and Piracy 

  • “the rare prints of militant and experimental ”

Through out the research found above it is complex and subject to each individual what a poor image is. So writing this I found to be complex and hard to grasp if not fully aware of the outcome it serves to society.


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