Week 4 -Operative Image


The quotes from this text which stood out for me which involves the operational image and what this article is about. To me when I was reading this it came across my mind that we live in a world where we have no boundaries for technology as whole let alone photography which then led onto a modern world where surveillance and domination. Is this part of the future where we turn into terminate and Sky-net where it discovers and destroys us in ways we never would understand. Evidently, is the present day causing the machine to see due to pure greed on the companies hand which is responsible for this or is it on us as a global society. A few quotes which helped think of these views or opinions above is the following:

“The machines were starting to see for themselves”

“Squiggly arrows on a video screen shows how a robot sees and navigates a landscape”

“Farocki’s method was to look into the dark and invisible places where images are made”

    -  ‘He located image making within the opportunities of surveillance and domination’


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