Week 8 - This weeks overview


An Image is a representative of art and photography in general of communication and expression through the medium of technology. Additionally a reference that wasn’t mentioned was ‘The Ghost At Hampton Court Palace’ image. Another reference in this lecture was a book called ‘The Reconfigured eye’ by W.J.T Mitchel. 

Question whilst recapping the previous weeks we asked ourselves this:

What do images want from us?

How do they transform in social and technology mediums?

What role do they play in historical terms?

Then lastly what do pictures want?

Furthermore, other photographers/artists we looked at were Oskar Wild ’the portrait which goes ugly’ and Barbra Kruger where the images speak for themselves and propaganda. 

From this, in the lecture we again looked at Trevor Paglen ’ Invisible Images (Your pictures are looking at you)’ article. In conjunction to this is that we also looked at one of his other photographs which was called ‘Lake Tenaya, 2016’. Evidently, whilst looking at the image and the article we compared them to the ever changing AI within social media such as Facebook for example. Social media is where photography and text joins together to communicate towards or for the audience. So a quote that says; ” the point here is that if we understand the invisible world of machine- machines visual culture”.  To me it suggests that there is an understanding of the unknown within technology today and how it is advancing and spying on us to just reproduce and recall all our personal data.

It’s all over the place, however, these are some of the notes I took to summarise the weeks’ lectures on photography and technology as well as what questions we see ourselves seeking from the past, present and the future.

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