Week 1 - What is an image?

(Fig one - Salvador .D. 1945)  (Fig Two - Crawford .G. 2020)

The image is one where we broadly know but cannot seem to put an affirmative answer too it due to the nature of the question as it is subjective and different for each individual?

In my opinion an image is a complex land of language and imagination of the mind..

“seeing in the mind’s eye” (Foucault, 2016).

Is it what we create through narrative language or is it just an ever growing and evolving reality where we see images in our everyday lives, especially when we are commuting, reading or even talking through technologies which sees everything,.

“If we accept the notion of photography – as – seeing – machines, its obvious that there are few guides to understanding this emerging photographic landscape”.

(Paglen, 2014)

Evidently an image has a system of technology and personal information and language which convert into what we mentally and physically see in an image..

So, what defines an image? Is it the way we communicate without the literal sense of talking or is it the complex language we endure everyday but in its simplest form? Does it provide information that is difficult to show through writing. Despite the fact that in the history of our culture, .

“it is a common place of modern culturist that images have a power in our world” .

(Mitchel. W.J.T, 1984, pg. 503).

This leads me back to WHAT IS AN IMAGE? This is a hard one to figure out. Is it the conscious, unconscious or is it the modern culture unwrapped into communication in our everyday lives?  On the other hand, imagery is mental and can be vague due to the dreaminess of a mental photograph whereas a physical image can be too literal sometimes. So, this could be a two-sided question; mental and/or physical, as well as its broadness, our imagination and subjectiveness too. The answer could go on forever. .


“we tend to assume that the physical world continues to exist quite nicely without us” .

(Mitchel. W.J.T, 1984, pg. 509)


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