BA (Hons) Photography student; At London South Bank University. 

(Graduating in the class of 2022 )

The interest in photography developed when i was younger as a way for me to communicate when others couldn't understand.


At the moment i am undecided on what field i want to be apart of, so i am just trying to find my way.

 Alongside university i work as an editor, photographer and creative producer at the south bank collective where i started at the beginning of February 2021.


My other adventures apart from photography are volunteering and giving back to developing communities. To try and gain further knowledge and inspiration on how to educate the world around me. 

 - In 2017,  I volunteered at a turtle conservation educating the local and  participating in weekly beach cleans, where we collected bags of needles, fishing wire, plastic bottles  and many more Hazardous materials which could harm the turtles and the environment at large. 

 - 2018,  I  again volunteered however this time at a disabled school and community centre in Delhi, India. This was to help young children to have a safe environment in which by they could learn and just be kids that they are. 


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