BA (Hons) Photography student; At London South Bank University. (Graduating in the class of 2022 )

Photography is a way of communicating what others cannot always understand. I am an emerging artist whose journey has meandered through various fields from eco-feminism in days of the Anthropocene to urban abandonment. Using film, digital photography and camera less experiments I have explored storytelling in various ways. I developed a book of cyanotypes that others could use and have created small scale imagery and video overlays. More recently, the creation of a video holds us in a single moment (big or small) whilst the world keeps revolving around us. 

“There are religions in which the representation of the world is banned as an usurpation of the power of a God, creator of all things. It is very possible that photography is a trick of the devil, and each shot is a sin.” - Joan Fontcuberta

 I see photography much as Fontcuberta does in his quote above, challenging the norm and questioning photography, its truth, validity and action.



  •  Is perception reality, Copland Gallery, Peckham, Dec. 2020
  • Upcoming Graduate: Ambedo, June 1st-6th, 2022
  • PhotoBook pop up shop, LSBU, May. 2021

Photo Books

  • Monocotyledon
  • The winter edition
  • Wonder


  • Lens of Croydon, Feb. 2021 

Assistant Curator 

  • Strange Familiars, London Inderpendent photographers, at the Espacio Gallery, Nov. 2021

South Bank Collective  

  • Creative Producer and Photographer, Feb. 2020 - Oct. 2021


  • LUX Magazine for a month,  Sept. 2022

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