Gracie Crawford

Process & Narrative

‘As time passes’ is a project that looks at a moment in time whether it is big or small, we find ourselves stuck there until time still slips by unknowingly / knowingly. You can tell this by looking up at the sky. What I wanted to achieve from this project is a sense of mortality, the possibility of an end, an outcome of death, but time is a continuum which will still be here after our time is over. 

The environment is intertwined with humanity through generations, and I have attempted to link the two together through archival photography and a short video of the sky. The process was developed by viewing individual photographs to create a final video and experimenting with double exposure to add an eeriness to the overall aesthetic. Firstly, I searching for the appropriate portrait whether it was taken on a shoot or sourced through the family albums. Secondly, I used the my balcony of my flat as the location, to document the moving clouds above. These videos were taken anywhere between thirty seconds to ten minutes. 

The installation ‘As time passes’ was to be installed at Borough road gallery. I wanted to exhibit here due the size of the projection and to have it displayed in a community setting.  Although in the end this was not able to happen due to COVID regulations prohibiting us from having an exhibition. Apart from this I wanted to create and environment for the exhibit, in a place where the atmosphere feels as if it is private for the viewer, before an event opens. 

Using Format