Week 6 - Non Human Image

The non human image suggests that not inherently we as humans can take photos without a cause or site however the definition on non human photography suggests that it is less to do with the camera than to do with photography it self. This can influence the mobility of image whilst it utilize us by controlling us however this could be a good thing due to be able to getting activism out there in the world. A non human image or photography as one may say is an adoption of a more difficult and arguable complexity which is multifaceted in its treatment of photography as a whole.

Whilst looking at the books and the website links which are suggested in the lecture earlier this morning I can see there is multiple approach to this which includes that photographers are prone to change due to ones environment and what life style we have. This also contributes an understanding on how photography is ready to change the world in the digital age and beyond the post image.

Reading the article the Post Image I found a quote which helped me understand the digital non human image and what we live in amongst in todays society. Evidently the quotes states ‘between data and algorithms, but also the relation between human and non human agents of process involving an element of vision’. To me suggest there is the unconscious link with humanity as whole and digitality of the future of photography and surveillance in our everyday lives.

Additionally, I choose the image above due to the idea of an ever changing environment metaphorically and physically in the world eco system and in the future photography and security. I felt that this photograph represents evolution well and links to the quote i pulled out of the article which is stated above.

Week 5 - Networked image

A networked image 

In this article it seems to be searching for an answer of  ‘is the internet dead?’. Evidently from this question it catches the attention of people from all over the world. Additionally, the internet is and always will be all over the world however on the other hand there are still people living without the internet due to their circumstances or just in my opinion running away from the ideals of normality.

The internet from this article seems to me be suggesting that it is present within society which includes surveillance and cameras within mobiles as such examples.

Another aspect of Steyerls article is the post cinema era. In that he says is that ‘some people felt that cinema is dead’. Further more, Steyerl believes that, ‘when in the course of the Bosnian war which was around the 1990s’.  Contrastingly, there are other quotes which seems shed some light on this article and how Steyerl believes that the ‘internet is dead’. I put a few that resonated with me and how I see the future of the networked image in the 21st century.

‘The all out internet condition is not an interface but an environment’.

‘networked space is itself a medium, or whatever one might call a mediums promiscous, posthumous’.

‘Circulationism is not about the art of making an image, but of post producing, launching, accelerating it’.



Week 4 -Operative Image


The quotes from this text which stood out for me which involves the operational image and what this article is about. To me when I was reading this it came across my mind that we live in a world where we have no boundaries for technology as whole let alone photography which then led onto a modern world where surveillance and domination. Is this part of the future where we turn into terminate and Sky-net where it discovers and destroys us in ways we never would understand. Evidently, is the present day causing the machine to see due to pure greed on the companies hand which is responsible for this or is it on us as a global society. A few quotes which helped think of these views or opinions above is the following:

“The machines were starting to see for themselves”

“Squiggly arrows on a video screen shows how a robot sees and navigates a landscape”

“Farocki’s method was to look into the dark and invisible places where images are made”

    -  ‘He located image making within the opportunities of surveillance and domination’


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