Monocotyledon Photo Books For Sale

‘Monocotyledon’ was one of the first funny words I learned. 

This book is not so much about ‘monocotyledons’ but is dedicated to those wonderful childhood memories. 

It explores the different ways an idea can be etched photographically. 

It’s a play with simple historical and modern photographic techniques observing the temporality and permanence of the image. 

Just like memories some remain imprinted for ever whilst others simply fade over time.

Photo book: £45 each

A handmade japanese -stitched photo book of 20 pages. Limited Edition of 2 revealing a simple story based on the ‘Monoctoyledon’. A single stemmed plant becomes a metaphor for a creation of cameraless imagery responding to childhood memories. 

The photo book consists of:

  • 2 blue flyleafs 
  • 2 concertina pages
  • 2 acetate reusable worksheets
  • Edition of Two
  • Box measures 
  • Book measures: 19.3cm x 29.6cm (pages: 20)
  • Acetates measures: 19.3cm x 27.6cm
  • Main Book Printed on 170gms matt paper 
  • Concertina Pages on 220gms artist paper
  • Concertina pages measures: 19.3cm x 42cm

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