ON OFF - A pitch for a magazine 



'ON OFF' was a project that I created in my second year of university, it looks at the closure of shops through the windows in the early 2021 lockdown in London. As this was part of my fashion editorial and advertising module, we were tasked to create a magazine spread in one of those fields. I chose editorial as it was well suited to the area of my project as it covers an artistic take on the 'unseen'. Furthermore, we had to  chose a prospective client to pitch to and I chose Aperture due to the diversity of their magazine covering all aspects of photography from fashion to fine art and I believe 'ON OFF' fitted well with that sort of magazine as the project covers a sense of what's abnormal. 

The difference between each shop was shockingly different as some were cleared out as if they were abandoned and others were as if there wasn't a pandemic at all. This is conveyed through the images I have taken and the aesthetic of the overall magazine spread.  

(the shops I covered were restaurants, furniture stores and sports shops like Nike or Puma)

Additionally, a few of the spreads are shown below alongside the cover of the potential magazine above. This project helped me to uncover the love I have for the magazine side of editorial and after I graduate this year I will be interning for a month at LUX magazine.  

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