Through the Generations 

Through the generations  is about photography itself as time based medium. This project aims to visualise the links, both similarities and differences, of time as it passes. Through the generations, my fathers to mine, I examine social impact, identity, and changes in communication. 

Furthermore, my father was unaware until later years of the impact of the apartheid, whilst I'm fully aware of the cultural movements of today including Black Lives Matter.

The work touches on how today, we talk more, we blog more, we enact our intentions more, we protest more, we love more, we maybe even hate more! This will be an open project and will hopefully expand into something more. 

Furthermore, I hope Through the Generations will help others understand  my past which is significant to society today and to be able to be proud of my heritage even it has been through darkness. Moreover, it is not just about South Africa but also Britain's and America's influence against apartheid and other forms of racism in the 21st century.

Doing this project has made me closer not only to the truth of my past however a more wholesome relationship with my father as before I barely knew him as his guard in the past was up in full force as I have previously explained. 

Through the Generations was exhibited in  'Ambédo' in 2022 at the Copeland Gallery, London, United Kingdom. Curated by Hayley Glover and Ciaran Inns. 

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