Gracie Crawford

Lara Cappelli

Cappelli’s project floral line shows the family archives in order to bring awareness to rediscover the many women icons within her family. Furthermore, she begins looking at her archival images of her mum and great grandmothers, however, as an artist Lara wanted to juxtapose the femininity by using flowers which represent strength and resilience.

This then led into the idea of reconnecting with each women who participated in the recreation. I believe that the narrative shows the exploration of women hood, memory and the familiar faces in the everyday.

In conjunction the floral line project shows us the viewer that the idea of memory is not exclusive to one individual but the effects of a family experiencing the same moment collectively. This  shows us that a perspective from a feminists point of you in defining her own identity as a strong independent women in the 21st century, when opinions are somewhat more welcome than previous years.

The images below shows the narrative clearly: as the nature represents fragility but the colour represents strength. This is  why I believe it is a fitting image to accompany this recent overview of the talented photographer Lara Capelli.

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