Gracie Crawford

Test prints that went wrong


The problem with the test prints shown, were that they were too dark and the portraits didn’t exactly fit with the theme of generation through my little-known fathers’ past. Although they were beautifully crafted and representative of time through the usage of clouds collectively, they did not have a purpose or knowledgeable narrative which showed personal representation about who I am and where my past, present and future lies within my family history. 

Furthermore, the images are great as stand alone’s, however when you add them into a video the images seem somehow become lost in the movement, remaining better as images stuck in the moment. This does not mean they are lost for good as they are can be the basis of a future project or even publication of unseen portraits of time. However, these are a few images I take pride in and I believe that they are worthy to be seen even if they remain just for the purpose of this blog. 


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