Gracie Crawford


‘Wonder’ was created in hopes that we as a society break the taboo conversation on how women, the environment and relationships have been forgotten in  especially in todays world.

Improvements for future development:

Originally I wanted to display my work on separate shelves however once I got there it made sense to join them together to make it  more consistent within its story telling and movement. Understanding this, I could then move on to improve the finer details such as the  fishing wire being  tighter and the shelvings being higher to be more visible for the audience.  Another improvement I could have been to have strengthened the publication  because it was a little flimsy. Placing a back of cardboard to each of the books would been more suitable and I can work on this for professional development for the future.

The expansion of the project could be to detail the broader research of eco feminism within my digital workbook and more in depth research on how my images  would relate with one another and for the text have a consistent relationship between the narrative and the photograph. 

Using Format